so Here's another place to talk about sewing machine repair, scissor sharpening, vintage sewing machines in St. Louis, and vintage machine repair. This is important because you never know when you're going to need a sewing machine repair and a repair of Scissors sharpened. we sharpen pinking shears too; being that we offer a pinking shear sharpening service, and we would love to help you get your scissors sharpened.



A lot of things can go wrong with a machine. Below are some of the more common things we run into with the rest being done on an estimate/quote basis.

Fallback Pricing


Unfortunately, when any device is broken there will occasionally be situations where extensive repairs don't make financial sense. We understand this problem and make efforts to minimize the headaches when these issues are found. Our fallback pricing is a minimum amount that covers the time and resources involved with receiving a machine, booking it in our system, removing/replacing covers and either returning it to you or arranging for it's free disposal. Sometimes we are able to spot a major problem early enough to use this price as a financial "safety mechanism"!






Sewing machine COAT


Clean, Oil, Adjust, Tension:
Our signature treatment; all machines receive this as a matter of routine.
All working parts are thoroughly cleaned, appropriately lubricated and inspected for damage, each joint is inspected for problematic thread-wraps, foreign bodies and impacted lint, interconnected fine adjustments are checked for optimal performance, the motor, speed control and wiring are checked for soundness and the machine is lightly cleaned on the outside. the machine receives a new needle, is tested on appropriate fabric and the tension is calibrated to perform optimally in the widest fabric variety.










If a machine is not sewing properly when it arrives at our shop, or if any of the controls are faulty and need repair, the process of correcting these problems varies in scope. Also, opportunities for small repairs which greatly extend machine-life pop up all the time. When we see this, it's our habit to estimate mid-service whether the machine can be improved in this manner for a total of $100 or less. If this is possible, we'll complete the work and adjust the bill unless previously asked not to. If the extent of the repair promises to exceed this amount, we will contact you beforehand to discuss the options available.

We'll also do everything possible to guide in what to expect when we meet and see your particular machine.


<$100 total: Automatic Fix

>$100: Call with estimate







As our experience, reputation and access to information expands, travelling house-calls and visits to special-purpose industrial machines and large household cabinet models are becoming popular. Because of the unique nature of this type of work, jobs of this type are billed by total time spent on each case. Resolutions or explanations are most commonly arrived at within 1-5 hours on the job.







Serger Service

Sergers are uncovered, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, inspected for damage, correctly threaded and tested. Necessary small adjustments are made to refine the stitch formation and edge finishing ability. Needles and knives are checked for wear and sharpened or replaced at extra cost. All electrical systems are inspected for safety and soundness and the machine is cleaned on the outside



We are fast building a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in the St. Louis area when it comes to sharpening and repair on all manner of edged tools.  Come find out what it's like to use a pair of scissors that cut BETTER than new!


Pinking Shears - $10.00

Fabric Shears, Thread Clippers - $7.00

Kitchen knife - $4.00

Food Processor Blade - $12.00

Hedge shears - $7.00

Garden clippers - $7.00

Anything else- Yes! Just ask!


*These prices are subject to change.

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