Scissor Sharpening in st. louis


We are a small business located in Richmond Heights, Missouri, right in the heart of a bustling arts 'n crafts community. The owner, Will McDonald received training from a 50 year expert in the art of sewing machine repair, and in 2011 decided to go into business on his own. Our tiny basement workshop and personal level of service is a point of pride. Our focus on quality is next to none. Over the years we have built a reputation such that we are able to let our satisfied customers do most of the talking:      

Julie K.- 

Dear Will,

What can I say but "thank you, thank you" for servicing the machines we use for our White Cross Ministry. The bandages we roll are sent to Christian hospitals in Nigeria and Cameroon and are used in all kinds of ways... I think the machines probably need to be checked out each year so we will send them to you for your inspection.

Jan P.-

Thank you SO much for fixing my Singer sewing machine!  It runs like a dream!  I have struggled along for some time with some of the irritating things it had been doing, but now it is perfect!  THANK YOU!

Caroline S.- 

You will be a real find... you will be hearing [more] from me, I'm sure.

Lacy M.-

Ah Yay! "Helga" lives! I've been wondering how much life she had left. thank you for restoring my dear, sweet little sewing machine!

Linda J.-  

...Works great and sounds better! Not sure it has ever been that quiet!