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We've inherited a modest supply of hard-to-find vintage needles! We are offering them in packs of 10 at the cost of $10 per pack, after a $10 handling fee.

Below is a table of every needle we (might) have on hand. Here's how it works:
1. Find your needle in the list.

2. Contact us with an email including the information as it appears in the list, the number of packs you need, and a shipping address.
3. Punch the "Donate Now" button and figure your own amount.

4. Cross your fingers. IF we still have the full number matching that description, we'll send it along promptly. If not, we'll send what we do have and round the price to the nearest ten. If we have nothing, we'll refund the whole amount and fix the list. 
And now for the friendly disclaimers:
In light of the fact that this trove came to us very old, very obscure and very disorganized It should be understood that we make NO guarantees about ANYTHING relating to needle sales *at all*. 
Not on size, correctness, condition, nothing. We are selling these exactly as-found since there are simply not enough interested customers or hours in the day to spend any further time with them.
We have organized the stash into a library according to the designations on the original packaging, but with a century-old needle horde, passed down four times in deteriorating packaging, anything can happen.
The cost presented here reflects the bare minimum to cover a nice person's time simply finding a match in the library and putting it in the mail. Please consider this more of a "grab-bag" with a 90% chance of actually getting what you need rather than a traditional purchase arrangement with hard expectations of success. We are talking about old, obsolete needles here!

All sales are, of course, final. Once it's sent, the money's spent.

We cannot give assistance or answer any questions about needles, number cross-references or compatible machines. It's a labor of love to keep many obsolete specimens out of the trash and present them in hopes that someone will be able to use their relic sewing machine again... That's just the best we can do!   



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