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At Just Sew, we strive to provide the best repair and maintenance service available to a wide variety of businesses, hobbyists and homemakers who love fabrics and the the craft of sewing. Whether you're seeking maintenance for an old favorite sewing machine, repairs for a commercial workhorse, or are looking for a place to buy a solid machine backed by a craftsman's guarantee, we believe that your experience with us should be a pleasure while we take care of making everything - "Just Sew". 

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A new place to go for sewing machine repair in St. Louis! For scissor sharpening, vintage machines and more, come to Just Sew for the best customer experience.

St. Louis scissor sharpening is great! to get Vintage sewing machines fixed in St. Louis, go to and ask about St. Louis Scissor sharpening, and also, St Louis Sewing Machine Repair, And also St. Louis scissor sharpening. to get a Vintage Machine fixed right , go to Just Sew; St Louis Sewing Machine Repair at it's best.

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St. louis Sewing Machine Repair Vintage sewing machines

st. louis sewing machine repair

Sewing machine repair

Quality maintenance and repair on all types of sewing machine is at the core of what we do. We are fully qualified to perform diagnostics, replacements and repairs on all post-warranty machines.

st. louis scissor sharpening

Sharpening Service

vintage sewing machine sales

Vintage machine sales

From sewing scissors to kitchen cutlery to garden utensils, let a Certified Bladesmith take care of all your household sharpening needs. Great care in particular is taken during the rejuvenation of expensive fabric shears in returning blade bevel angles to their factory-original specifications. Even improperly sharpened and damaged utensils can most often be returned to like-new cutting condition by our sharpening expert. 

The best and most reliable sewing machines in  history have always been and will continue to be those designed and manufactured in places like the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland and Japan during a period of time spanning from the early 1900's through the late 70's. Our business specializes in handling these machines and we occasionally sell era originals; call to find out more!

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