This is a gallery of a few machines we have sold in the past. Call for details about our vintage machine sales.


Just Sew, How do I Love the? let me count the ways. you do Sewing Machine Repair in St. Louis, you do Scissor sharpening in St. Louis, you sell Vintage sewing machines and make sure I have my Pinking shears sharpened. sigh; You're great, Just Sew Machine Repair!

What a Great Sharpening Service you offer! Your scissor sharpening, knife sharpening, even garden tool sharpening is some of the best available. Thanks, Just Sew Sewing Machine Repair!

Now to carry on about Vintage Sewing machines. Vintage sewing machines are the best Sewing machines for a lot of reasons, Also, we are without a doubt the best at Fixing Vintage sewing machines,

because they are so much better built. finding Parts for a n old Sewing machine can be hard, but then old Sewing machines don't break like New sewing machines so you're still better off with an old Sewing Machine like Singer 201

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The much sought after Singer 99! These machines like their cousins, the featherweights have gained widespread notoriety among quilters for their exceptional stitch forming ability, svelte portability and eyebrow-raising power. This unit was found in a table but for one desiring the portability this machine affords it can be put in a case for an additional $35